From December, 2017

Lets Sweeten Them Up Spell: The Darklady

So you want to sweeten someone up?

My partner, so he/she will be romantic and loving..

My boss, so he/she sees how hard i work and appreciates me..

My sibling so they quit picking on me..

My teacher so she/he will see how great i am in their class..

Well you have come to the right person..

The Darklady

Stop Smoking Spell: The Darklady

This is my own stop smoking spell This spell must be started on the full moon.. The things you will need: Black candle Cinnamon – powder or oil Knife for carving in the black candle Black felt for the poppet Stuffing for the poppet (batting or straw) Red thread Sage Black pepper Salt (Black) Chili power Dragons Blood incense This chant is to be said also written three times, once before you make the doll, during the making of the doll, and after the doll is done.. Chant: Spark and Lighter, Strike a match, Throw all these smokes, Right in…

Lover Come Back Spell: The Darklady

You will need: Red Parchment Paper Red Pen Cinnamon “The Spice ” From your Kitchen A red candle ( but if you don’t have one White will do) Rose Peddles (Red and Pink ) A plate What i want you to do is cut out a large heart big enough for both of your names to fit on it, first and last names. Write your names on the heart with the red pen, if you have a picture of both of you in good times, paste this on the other side of the heart facing out. Take your candle and infuse…

Carousel Horse Day: The Darklady

Today was mystical, majickal ride. Like riding on a horse on a carousel ride.. Up and down, when i was young, black horse, white horse, pink horse, grey.. Spotted, striped, solid..bay.. Bareback, saddle, halter, bridle.. All was fun, as i went up and down. And around, just like a merry go round. Riding, riding, riding the bay.. Out in the field where i used to play.. Up and down, all around.. Can i stay and play.. Darklady

Bring the boys to your door spell: The Darklady

BRING LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE SPELL Here is one of my spells I have used that can bring love to you.. ​You do this and it will bring men and women to your door.. Not to be taken lightly.. Make sure this is what you want.. ​Spell.. First get a red inked ball point pen and pink paper, red and pink ribbon.. Lavender, cinnamon sticks and vanilla.. ​First write down everything you want in a mate on this piece of paper with the red pen.. The way they talk their personally, their hair color, smile, eye color, can dance, takes…

A Witches Besom (Broom): The Darklady

And of course the besom has always been a thing of beauty for the witch either carrying it or riding it through the night sky..From the Wicked witch of the west to Harry potter they have always been the mainstay of the witch in fairytale to movies..

Living with Shadow People..The Darklady

 So my darlings, let me tell you how i feel about the shadow people. I know how most feel, you see one and you think they are evil beings. I have met maybe 30 of them in the last 15 years. They range from protectors, to just being curious.

Bone Conjurers: Necromancy by The Darklady

Bone Conjurers: Necromancy This is what i do, im related to Saint St. Martins who raise the Dead and preached the gospel just like Jesus Christ..But was born to pagan parents..go figure.. So it comes natural to me to speak to the Dead and because I do have ancestors that have done this, The Dead see me as someone to talk to. And to me this is a real honor..I can not go to the store without them being around, and that is just fine to me, i love interacting, seeing them do what they did. So let me tell…

Gremlins By The Darklady

via Daily Prompt: Gremlins Well let me think on this one, you mean like the ones off the 1970s movie Gremlin.. Or like the so many other type of Gremlins,  that have made their way into our lives from commercials to full length movies to the Tv shows The Twilight zone.. Where Captain Kirt met the man on the  wing of the plane, and everyone thought he was crazy.. But these little beasties have always been in our lives, something goes wrong its easy to blame the Gremlins..The Gremlins did I don’t know about you but i really kind of like…

Drawing down the moon..The Darklady

Drawing down the Moon Well today i thought i might touch on how to Draw Down the Moon and get your power.. There are many ways that you can do this… From just looking at the full moon and asking the Goddess to help as you meditate on the power to come in to you.. to casting a protective circle.. I myself have just asked and meditated and asked the power to come in.. on the full moon last October.. but i want to do a better one in the spring.. So this is how you can do it.. You…

Witchery Tip 2..Wish Majick

WISH MAJICK   So just what is Wish maJick?   How can you do this kind of majick? Is it real will it work? Im here to tell you yes this kind of majick does work, i found this out when i was 5 years old and sitting under my swing set and playing in the dirt, in my little red dress.. I was a lonely child that grew up in a life of violence and hate towards me, and i never knew why my stepfather hated me so and loved his other daughters..He would beat me, this was a…

Sex Majick..With The Darklady

SEX MAJICK So today I’m going to write about sex majick. A little history and how to use the power of sexual energy in your spell craft. I know that a lot of you may think that it is kinky and bad. But, I’m going to tell you that this is a beautiful thing and really can give your wishes and magickal workings a very strong boost.. it is all in the intent and what you will be using this powerful energy for.. So lets start with a little history. lets get going and have some fun.. Hehehehehehehe Wikipedia says…

Follow me..

Follow me, Follow me, into the night.. Follow me, to learn, and to love your darkness within.. Follow me, and i will tell you a tale or maidens who dance, as flames sing, and of majick as old as time.. Follow me, and you will be one of the lucky ones, who will learn to use your power, the power of the ancients.. Follow me, for iam teacher, the Necromancer, spirits rise and fall and do our bidding, to protect and teach us in the ways of the dead.. Follow me and my dark Goddesess, they will teach you the…

The knowing..

Do you know what the knowing is? Do you ever think about the knowing? The knowing to me is a phase that i use, for the power inside of you, the witch..The power that lays deep inside, your DNA, your very life, your very soul.. The knowing, is you know something that you never learned..Never seen, Never felt, Never ever have known.. This is the Knowing..this is the very core of you, your ancestors, your belief,  your heart,  your power.. When you do a spell and you gather your herbs and tools, you see that you need one special thing…

Scrying with my Crystal ball 

This morning some time for scrying..a time of peace a quiet..My time to see what going on in my world.. A time of power to look into the past and future. To see what may be ahead, past the clouds that swirl in the ball.. Dark Blessings Darklady

The Grey Witch talks on the radio..

Well i must say darlings, being interviewed by a radio station out of California was very exciteing indeed.. I used to have my own radio show last year, but lost my co-host and didnt want to do it all myself.. Wasteland radio was great, and i found i kind of miss it again..even with all the headaches i had, with setting up guests. They were very nice, and wanted to know about how i believe, and when i had become a witch.. Its so funny because i was so very nervous and the first 5 minutes about every word was…

Witchery tip 1.. A witches intuition

Today i thought id just write a little bit about intuition.. Being a witch we are usually empaths and can feel all sorts of things from people to situations even touching things and getting Visions from them.. So our intuition is very is always a gift..or as some think a curse.. So just a heads up..if you feel deep down in your gut..where our emotions are know the butterfly feeling or that feeling if dread… That you know someone, or that something bad has happened, or that you have been and done this before.. Well more than likely…