Witchery tip 1.. A witches intuition


Today i thought id just write a little bit about intuition..

Being a witch we are usually empaths and can feel all sorts of things from people to situations even touching things and getting Visions from them..

So our intuition is very strong..it is always a gift..or as some think a curse..

So just a heads up..if you feel deep down in your gut..where our emotions are kept..you know the butterfly feeling or that feeling if dread…

That you know someone, or that something bad has happened, or that you have been and done this before..

Well more than likely you have darling..

From past lifes and memories that are surfacing to visions..

So you should always listen to those butterflies in your stomach..

From feelings of cleaning your house..There maybe negative energy that needs to be taken care of..

Seeing a person from across the room and having feelings of you have known that person before..

Heck just go over and talk to them, you just never know..

To a feeling you must call your mom or a friend, because something is just off..

To not taking a road, or getting on a plane..sometimes these feelings can save your life or someone elses..

So always be intune..

And listen to your intuition the feeling of Doom or those little butterflies in your stomach because they’re always right..

Dark Blessings


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