Witchery Tip 2..Wish Majick



So just what is Wish maJick?  

How can you do this kind of majick?

Is it real will it work?

Im here to tell you yes this kind of majick does work, i found this out when i was 5 years old and sitting under my swing set and playing in the dirt, in my little red dress..

I was a lonely child that grew up in a life of violence and hate towards me, and i never knew why my stepfather hated me so and loved his other daughters..He would beat me, this was a daily happing and i would take my young broken body and soul and sit under my red swing set..I had a old coffee can that i had some large gravel  rocks in and i would put water on them and then swish it around all the time wishing with all my little heart, that they would turn into beautiful rock..

As you could tell a little 5 year old does not know what the heck she is doing..but i just felt in my heart of hearts that they would turn, i just new it..I had no doubt what so every that it would not happen..So every day for a full moon cycle i did this cleaning the rocks and then placing the coffee can in my secret place..Then when the day came and i opened the can and poured the water out, i peered into the can and they had changed..they were all sort of agates..i was so excited that i had done that..That is when this little witch new that there was majick in the world..True majick..So after that i began to see what else i could do..

When it was my Birthday and i blew out candles i would wish for what ever i wanted and it always came true..Once it was to have a horse of my very own, another was to get enough money to buy a bike, and  to get my first Witchboard..and the list went on and on..

So i really could not tell you how it works, but it does, other than your intent has to be very strong, and you have to claim it and know you will get it..i also think you have to dig deep down inside of yourself and bring that power out and connect to the place of the knowing and power..I guess you might say i knew the Secret before the Secret came out..lol..and that was at 5 years of age..But i call it Wishing Majick..

I hope now that you have read my story you will try this on your own..Either on your Birthday or blowing the dandelions in the air or doing the simple Basil leaf spell that i do a lot..

It will work!!!


Bay Leaf Wishing Spell

Take  one dried bay leaf and write what you would like on the leaf with a black marker, then burn it thinking the whole time on what you want..I burn it in something that is non flammable..like a bowl or something like that..Be very careful they go up in flames really fast and if they do that it means your spell will work and come to you in a hurry..its on the wind..So darlings give it a try..then get back to me and tell me what happened..but you must never say what you wish for until the wish comes true..And it will


You can also wish upon the star this is also another way to get your wishes..And if you want the big impact burn the bay leaf and wish upon a star at the same time..that could be a double whammy..Haven’t done it, if you do let me know..

So until next time my darlings..

Dark Blessings




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