Bring the boys to your door spell: The Darklady


Here is one of my spells I have used that can bring love to you..
​You do this and it will bring men and women to your door..
Not to be taken lightly..
Make sure this is what you want..


First get a red inked ball point pen and pink paper, red and pink ribbon..
Lavender, cinnamon sticks and vanilla..
​First write down everything you want in a mate on this piece of paper with the red pen..
The way they talk their personally, their hair color, smile, eye color, can dance, takes care of themselves also very important that they have some things in common with you, married once before or not..
Young or older, has a sense of humor just everything you want to have in a mate..
Then put the cinnamon sticks and lavender inside the paper and tie it up with the red and pink ribbon..
When you have done that put a little vanilla on the paper and stick it in your underwear drawer..

And then just sit back and which them show up..
It could take a full moon cycle or not..depends on how strong your intent is..

Good Luck

​I hope you find your heart’s desire..<3



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