Living with Shadow People..The Darklady

So my darlings, let me tell you how i feel about the shadow people. I know how most feel, you see one and you think they are evil beings. I have met maybe 30 of them in the last 15 years. They range from protectors, to just being curious.

And the being themselfs range, from the 8 foot reaper, standing in my doorway or flying a few inches from my husbands face. To the hat and coat man, to just a plain shadow going across the walls and ceiling..

So i have met them all, and when i was growing up i had a shadow man friend, who was there to keep me company and to protect me from my now dead stepfather. The shadow and i had many talks, and im just now remembering about him. Its funny how when you get older and you are more open to things, you begin to remember. Now that i know about him, i wonder what happened to Jack, did he feel he didnt have to protect me anymore after i grew up and got married. Or is he one of the ones i see now in the corner of my eye, i wish i new..

I so want to thank him, for making a small girls lonely life bearable. With out him watching over me, and telling me what to do. I really do not think the Darklady you see today would be here. So i thank him for that. Thank you Jack for keeping me alive, in my young years..

I have many stories that i would like to tell, but ill tell you three for this blog.

Story 1..

The protector of the horse stable.

We had many spirits, at my large hunter jumper stable i ran in the early 2000s…i took care of up to 20 hunter jumper horses at this time. The first time i had seen him i was, outside feeding the horses and it was dark out. All of a sudden i saw this fleeting shadow thing out of the corner of my eye, i just put it out of my head and forgot about it until the next day.

We were siting at our dinner table eating, and we had these huge windows that we could see out of. I was looking out and it was dusk, when all of a sudden i see a shadow of a man walk by, i told my husband and he went out to check and there was no one there..

Then i saw it again the next night while washing the dishes and looking out the kitchen window..From that night on, you would see a shadow of a man walking around our house, whether we were inside or out, right at dusk.

We figured that he was just checking up on things, and making sure all was well..He became a real comfort to me to know that a shadow man was keeping us safe.

Story 2..

This was the first time i had seen the reaper. I and my husband were asleep in bed, when i felt something above me moving. I opened my eyes and over my husband at the ceiling was a hooded cloaked shadow fugure, that stretched the full length of my husband, the cloak flowing behind him, like wind whipping through it but of course there was wind in our bedroom.

I closed my eyes and opened them again, and he had started to slowly move down to about 6 inches from my husbands face. I kept looking at the ceiling, but then i thought, hell i want to see this thing. I turned my head, and it turned its head and we both looked at each other. As i did, i saw the hood but where the face should be there was nothing but black, but i could tell he was looking back at me. I wasnt scared in the least but i do think he was a little upset when he found out i knew about him..

Then as fast as he appeared, he rose to the ceiling and disappeared into the blackness. He is one that i see hanging in my doorways, or at the top of the stairs..but they never scare me.

Story 3.

This is my favourite of all of my stories, its about two hat and coat men, one tall the other short like a child this was the first time i had seen two together. I had just come home from work and was laying on my couch watching tv. It was almost there was still light coming throught the sliding glass door.

I was watching Amercan Dad and my cat Terra was laying by me on the coffee table, between me and the tv. When all of a sudden these two shadow beings walked through my wall and into my room, one tall the other short like a child, and stood between me and the tv. They were so dark that i could not see the tv light shine through them. They were the typical hat and coat shadow people. The little guy got down on one knee to pet Terra, i felt like i was connected to that being for a moment and i could feel his joy and love at petting my cat i reached out and touched him. My hand just flowed throw. The tall one i could feel was happy, but worried that i saw them. I felt the emotions of them both. I could not tell you how long they stood there, but i was watching them for what seem like minutes..

Then the little guy got up and they both kind o floated to the sliding door and through it and were gone. I lived on the second foor.

Terra just watched them leave to, and was not a bit scared. I feel these enitys, beings have feelings and you can communicate with them, if they stay long enough. But most are afraid of us more than we are of them. But..after i had touched the young one. I was given the gift of seeing a hour into the future for about six months.. So now i wonder if they touch us what wonderful majickal gifts will they give. And i cant wait to do it again n

So those are my three stories, i have tons more, but i would have to write a large

I just feel we can live with all of these kind of beings and spirits and after interaction with the two hat and coat guys i know we can. Wouldnt it be great to be friends with them, to learn what they know.

Well thats my experiences with these beings, and i hope it helped you to not be afraid of them anymore if you incounter them..

Dark Blessings



  1. Interesting stories. I had a very personal encounter with Arian, aka, the devil himself. It occurred between murder attempts. His black wings were pretty huge, and it looked like tar was dripping from them; there was no head, just the wings. Then, the nerve tendon were the neck would be, raised up; it cocked it up at me. Satan doesn’t have a specific gender. I laughed out loud, then I immediately felt pity for it, because it’s earthbound like me, in that way, we are very much alike. I didn’t do a summoning-it came of its own volition. Moonwolf thanks you Sweet Darklady, for such a fabulous group!


  2. I just wanted to tell you that I love you my beautiful friend Sara. And that I always have, every since the first time I met you so many, many moons ago. And I just wanted you to know that. I’m REALLY gonna miss you a lot, because I already do. There was just this comfort I had of knowing you were out there somewhere, and would always be there for me if I ever really needed you to be. Can’t get much of a greater feeling than that. I don’t know how we’re gonna be able to do it, or even when yet Sara, but the one thing that I do know for sure and can promise you, is that we will do everything we possibly can that’s within our power to try and find the person who is responsible for hurting you in such an unforgiving and horrific way, and bring them to justice, one way or another. They can’t just cut your life short, and take you away from all of us many friends and your family out here who love you so much, and think they aren’t gonna have to pay for their selfish choice. No ma’am. Not on this watch. They’re gonna have to answer to somebody, eventually. And there’s no getting out of it either, because it’s inevitable. They’ve been dealt the ultimate hand now and it’s from the Universe. It’s called Karma. And she NEVER loses! Love you Sara (Moon Wolf) Scafe. I know it’s gotta be hard, but please RIP as good as you can until we can put you to rest for good, with total peace & serenity.
    ❤❤❤❤❤ Debbie Bronstad


  3. I usually see a shadow man with a cowboy hat and shadow birds. I’ve tried to research more about shadow birds, but haven’t found anything. Then 4 nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, standing at the foot of my bed was a profile of a shadow pregnant woman. That is a new one I’ve never seen before. I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of her. I have a daughter-in-law, who is due in March. I’ve been wondering what message she is trying to tell me? I see other things, like ghosts. Even seen the Horned God once, and that experience was shared with a friend who is a non-believer. He thinks I’m crazy, even after seeing it for himself. I did nothing to summon him. We were in a car going down a country road at night and he appeared on the side of the road. I see things quite often, but don’t have anyone I can talk about it with. After reading this post, I felt compelled to share with you. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Helps to not feel so alone.

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    1. That is very interesting hun..yes there are so many different enitys that are not in this realm..I have seen so many different one..the pregnant one I have not seen..she may have something to tell you..try the 5 minutes a day with the blue candle and see if you can contact her..I love meeting any kind of enity most people are so closed minded when it comes to seeing spirit..I have visions of a near future where the dead and the living live side by side and there was no fear of death anymore, and we learn so much from them..and majick is in the world again..


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