Lover Come Back Spell: The Darklady


You will need:

Red Parchment Paper

Red Pen

Cinnamon “The Spice ” From your Kitchen

A red candle ( but if you don’t have one White will do)

Rose Peddles (Red and Pink )

A plate


What i want you to do is cut out a large heart big enough for both of your names to fit on it, first and last names.

Write your names on the heart with the red pen, if you have a picture of both of you in good times, paste this on the other side of the heart facing out.

Take your candle and infuse it with the cinnamon by rubbing it from the bottom up. To make you intent quicker and stronger.

Then take the plate and candle, place the heart under the plate and put the red candle up right on the plate and light it..

I like using the chime candles they are smaller and will burn down to nothing in about a hour or so..

If you don’t have a red candle, a white one can be used in its place.

So as you are burning the candle think about the good times and how you would like that again with your lover and that you really want him or her to come back.

Burn it all the way down..

Then take the paper and whats left of the candle and either bury it in one of your house plants or on your property close to the house and you..


Let me now how it goes..

Dark Blessings







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  1. Hi darklady ❤️
    I am going to do this love come back spell cause i really miss My ex boyfriend. I have some questiens about the spell. How do you make the candle stand by it self? It doesnt say about how to use the rose peddles, so do i just put Them on the plate? I Will try make it to Day and if you have any comments i will do it again. I really hope for this ti work. If you have any other streng love spells gering My ex back i would like to try Them ❤️ I Will make the spell now and hope for the Best.

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