Getting fit the Witch Darklady

March 15th 2018..

So I’m on the road to getting fit, how does a grey witch do that you ask..

Well it’s not where you just say abracadabra and you lost 30 pounds..Nope, no such luck..Dang..

I would give anything for that, just a twist of my hand or a wiggle of my nose and poof..

I’m young, thin and beautiful again..but that’s not the case..

I have packed on about 30 pounds in two years, with my Hashimoto’s disease and stopping smoking and drinking and turning to sugar to get my fix, and now I have paid for it in my body looks..

But, this has taken me 2 to 3 years to do and will take about that long to get it off..

my work as in blogging, radio host, and major Facebook personally I led a very sedentary Life know sitting on my ass, and packing it

Well I’ll tell you, now Darklady is taking this weight problem in hand and will be getting back into shape..And ill bring you along on my Adventures..

I’m 62 years old and feel 80, in pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, my thyroid problem Hashimoto’s disease is getting to me.. blood pressure is a little high not too bad, could be this is what im going to do..

I’m going to show you the exercising that I will do every day I’ll write something on this blog about it..

Then when i lose all the weight, haven’t decided yet but will do something..

So today, i walked at 2 miles per hour or so, for 20 minutes..

And walked 0.91 miles..

Listened to some awsome music along the way, saw many purple and white crocuses and beautiful little daffodils in different colors like yellow and orange centers..

The cherry trees are in bloom the willow trees are coming out the leaves not all trees have their leaves on yet but they are starting to bud..

I’m useing the app Pacer in my Samsung 7..its really quite cool because it shows you where you’ve been like a map way..

If you want to get in shape to, by walking with me, get the app Pacer..but start off really slow..

Ask your doctor to if your able to walk, or how long you can..

Then let me know how far you walked, and how it’s working for you in the love to hear..:)

The app also shows you how fast your going, how long and how many miles you’ve gone, how many steps you have taken and how many calories you’ve burned.. so it’s a really cool app you should check into it.

So today is my first blog on getting back into shape..

Hope you will enjoy coming along with me..



  1. I hsve already started my journey to better health. I am walking along side of you sister. I have fibro, degenerative disc disease, and a couple other fairly serious problems. Now I look at them as challenges instead of problems. I can defeat a challenge. So can you. Im ib this with you!

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