Day 2..

So today is day two my darlings..and with this app comes so many things..

It’s really quite cool..Im really enjoying myself..

So, got up this moring, got my man was decided to watch a movie..

So at 8:30 I watched Bone Tomahawk and boy what a well done in the blood and guts, and Kurt Russell is just as hot as ever..

But there were a few scenes that even made me wince a few times, a horror buff..

Check out this Western, about 4 doomed cowboys, that go after two people after being taken by cannibalistic Indians..thats all I’ll say..

Enter at own

So after that great movie, i looked out side and saw the rain had quit..

So out the door I went, headphones on and pedometer going..

It felt so good, and I’m trying to get 10,000 steps perday..that comes out to about 6 miles a day..i made it a little over half..

I’ll get there soon, i finally found a great pair of shoes..

I always stated having problems with my feet when i get up in the miles..but these shoes are great..

So with that, i hope you got your walk in..

Until tomorrow..

Dark Blessings


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