Herbs and Other Things Used In Poppet Dolls..By Darklady..



So just wanted to write down all sort of herbs that i use  in my helpful, or baneful poppets..

It all depends on what you what this wonderful poppet to do for you is what type of herbs you will be using..

Lets start with the baneful ( such as the cursing and hexing poppet dolls)

# These are the herbs and salts and other things i do use in most of my cursing dolls..

Grave yard dirt (But you can use the plant Mullein for it in a pinch)

Black pepper..Cayenne pepper..Henbane..Sulfur..Cactus..Rose thorns (best if from your garden)

Glass..Rusty coffin Nails…Blood..Hair..Finger nails..

# Now for love poppets i use something completely different..<3

Lavender..Marjoram..Dill..Oregano..Lemon peel dried..sugar ( to sweeten up your love interest) The oils of Opium and Frankincense..A tiny Rose quartz

Then again Hair, Finger nails and picture for the face of the doll helps..Also blood from them or semen or a piece of their clothing you can either use it as the doll or put a piece inside with the rest..

# Then for health, i will sometimes use these..

It all depends on what the poppet is needed for..

But i will use..

Cedar..Chamomile..Dill..Flax..Ginger..Patchouli oil..Sage

For the for the rest i will put in a Quartz crystal..Jasper..Jade..Hematite..a Magnet ( to bring on good health and long life) very small because you put them inside the doll..Hair..Finger nails..Blood now only a drop is needed..and this doll should be given to the person you are trying to heal..after they are helped..

Also the pins of the poppet can help in many ways.. not only to help by sticking the pin in the place where the person is sick..like if they have stomach issues you can stick a pin in that area to help..but it can also harm..

# For Protection i will be using these 

Mint..lavender..Dragons blood oil..black pepper..oil of Patchouli..Curry

Then a piece of mirror to deflect negative energy..Nails of iron..A lucky hand charm..A hawk feather so you will have eyes watching at all times..

So these are a few of the type of doll i do..

I do also for Money..To change your Luck..House blessings..To help your Animals with their health..Fertility dolls..Happiness and Self love..for Friendship..To help get Employment..To help out communications in a relationship..For better sex or not..A spiritual doll..A stress doll..For success and fame..To keep you safe when traveling..A wealth doll..A wisdom doll..A Relationship doll…A psychic power doll..

As you can see there are many..

I hope you have enjoyed a little bit about what i do, when filling my Poppet dolls..

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Darkest Blessings..





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