What I think Majick is..by Darklady

I have been challenged by so many people on what I believe and what I teach..

From witches of all kinds to Christians, so I guess you can say I must be doing something right..

If success is truly measured by how many haters I have..

Well let’s just say I must be a god..lol..

Anyway, I want to start out with how I believe and my way of doing my majick may be different than yours, but there are many different ways..This my darlings works for me and I intend to teach this way until I die and return to the inbetween of the spirit realm, and be reborn again and teach again..

We all are learning, we read, we try our own ways in our majick, and be find out what works, what truly works and what doesn’t..

First I want to say, is that we are all born with majick and the ability to see and speak to spirits..but as we grow up, there are to many no there are no such thing, or they are evil and will possess you, if you talk to them..

That we lose the ability to speak, to them and it’s to bad because they have so much to teach us..

In my large witch group on Facebook, I’m always getting hit with your wrong we have always done it this way, and that’s the way witches do it..

Well I’m telling you, that’s not the way I do any of it, and what makes you think your all right in the first place..

Just because Gerald Gardner said so..or Silver Raven wolf..or any of the other well know authors..

I want to go further, further that the same old majick that we do all the time, I want to learn or find out what truly majick is and can do..

I know that our minds are that creates this reality that we live in..And we can change our reality just by using the power of our heart and brain..

Can you start a candle flame with your mind, do you think if you stare long enough this will happen..

I think you could, but it would take many, many trys..but eventually you would stumble on to the right way to lite your candle with your mind..

There is majick that is simple to do, and there is majick that some can never do, and then there is majick that has not even been heard of yet..

That is the majick I want to do, the one that has not been executed or even found yet..

I’m always looking for ways to speak to spirits, or trying to take pictures of them..

Anyway this is my journey..a journey into the unknown of the majickal realm..A realm where it’s only majick and nothing else, where all the books are for learning, where you just think and it happens..

Believe it our not we will get there, the majickal realm and or mind has so much to open up, I’m so excited to learn..

I will keep you informed of the majick I find, as I journey on..

Dark Blessings witches



  1. Darkest blessings Darklady. Loving all the majick of learning and progressing in witchcraft,
    Your friend Leatherwitch.


  2. Thank you Dark Lady I fully understand where you come from. I talk to and hear and feel spirits a lot ! And this is getting more frequent I practice witchcraft on my own , as I am a solo witch ! I have put a spell on an ex with a voodoo doll Lol no one knows or knew as well as a go away spell a few years ago which worked beautifully !! When I wanted some one out of my own circle! I feel as if I am treated normal being in your lovely group and hope to learn so much with and from you Dark Lady . As I too love the Dark side of Life ! I have a Dark Spirit that stays with me and he makes me feel safe as well as two other Spirits , which turn up as a couple of orbs right beside me like almost on my knee!! So amazing !


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