Blood moon, Eclipse..July 27th 2018..Darklady

So tonight is the full blood moon eclipse, that everyone is looking forward to..

I am to, but not so sure if I’ll be able to see the longest eclipse in this 21st century..

Lasting as long as 4 hours, most only last a hour or so..Lucky you who will be able to see her in all her glory..

The blood moon when it’s full is one of the stronger of the lunar phases, it will emphasize any spell done tonight..

Full moons are met for drawing things to you, love, money, health, a new job..Think what is it I need to draw to me tonight, and do that spell..

I will be doing a money and fame spell tonight..because who doesn’t need money and fame, right..😊🌹🧙‍♀️😎

Then will be setting out my Santa Muerte: Book of the Dead Tarot cards, and making some blood moon water to..

Then doing some moon tanning..I just love sitting under her, as she looks down upon me and smiles..My Luna mother..

Her energy will be strong tonight so get as much water as you can for you craft workings and soak in those rays, hopefully doing this sky clad to get the full effect..

Thank her also, for all she has done this month, and what she will be doing for you next month in your spell workings..

If your able to draw down the moon, it will help make things so clear on what you are doing in your path..

There are many ways you can do this, drawing a circle and calling the quarters..and so forth..but if you know me I dont do any of that stuff. I’m just a simple dark witch..that has no need of high who has the majick inside herself and around her..

So what I will be doing is raising my hands to her and close my eyes and ask her to bring her power, her Luna power inside of me..I’ll stand there under her glory until I feel her, then dropping my arms I’ll thank her, as I sip on my moon water..simple, easy..tasty..the water will taste good, but heavy..

You will feel different, clearer, lighter, happier, fullfilled..The last time I drew down the moon was about 5 years ago..I think it’s time to do it again..

Now remember this full moon is not for baneful workings like, binding or banishing, curses or hexes..only for positive workings of love, money, health to bring these to you..

Curses, hexes ahs all baneful work should be don on the dark of the moon..two to three days before the new moon..around August 12th..

So with that my darlings, remember when you look at the moon tonight we are all there to, for we are family and always connected..

Full Blood Moon Dark Blessings..


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