Wiccan rule of Three..Why.. By Darklady

The law of three..

What is it really?

The wiccan law of three only come on to the scene when Gerald Gardner the father of the modern day wiccan religion made it..a MAN made law..

Rule: What ever you put out will come back to you three fold, wither good or bad..

Made in the 1950s, so this rule of three, Harm none has only been around for 60 or more years..

How long has the witch been around, well let’s see..Thousands of years..I’m sure our witch ancestors..are rolling in their graves over this rule..

Do you not think that the witch cursed and hexed as she also healed..Yes you bet your ass she did.

I want you to know that cursing and hexing is not a bad thing, and you doing this will not come back on you at all, anymore than it did thousands of years ago..

This is just another fear tactic to keep the witch in line at all times..This to me is wrong, doing love spells, is another thing that will not come back to you..

I work with thousands of witches on my Facebook groups and pages as Darklady..I’m a teacher of the darker side of majick..

I so get tired of the wiccans saying that black majick is evil, and their majick is the only way..The more I read wiccan books and talk to wiccans, I find that they are becoming more and more like Christians..infact I think most are converted Christians..and they are bringing their same warped view, that their wiccan way is the only majick and we grey and darker practitioners are dark and evil and bad..Satanic even Satanists are not bad, do some research..

Well I hate to bust your bubble, but I’m a Dark witch..and you can ask any of the 200,000 or more people who know me through my groups and pages, that I’m not evil, or bad..and most of us are not..but dont fuck with us. Or we will take you down..

And not even bat a eye, and most think that black majick is evil, that all we do is curse and hex and harm people, I’m sorry but we only do that if that person needs

a lesson to learn..

So it really hurts my heart when they call us evil and despicable because we hex or curse or do love spells..This is what real witches do, plus a whole hell of lot of other things..

So I truly feel that we dark witches really get a bad wrap, by the wiccans our own kind..

I understand christianity that’s what they do but why our own kind. I feel, that the witches before had a lot of freedom and did majick everyday..all majick..

This is what I want for all my brothers and sisters, freedom to come into their own..

Cant we all just get along, if we cant how can we teach the rest of the world, who we are..Its truly a sad thing..

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Dark Blessings



  1. Loved what you said dark lady I totally agree I’m Wiccan but don’t agree with the ways they teach I didn’t fit in that’s why i turned to you because I felt I had to get the real me out in the open the dark and grey side of me is what I love and all of you on this group are my real family


  2. Full agreement on your opinion about Christian’s getting bored with Christianity and adding a Witchy vibe to their resume. Makes me ill.

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  3. It’s kind of funny when you point out how quickly some will jump on a person with THREEFOLD and what not, that they sound just like the Christians that they think they’re better than, how they flip their shit and refuse to see the hypocrisy of their words and actions. It used to annoy me, but now I just laugh. The hypocrisy and blinders that the ones who do vehemently preach wear. In my opinion (as someone who doesn’t follow harm none either), ‘harm none’ doesn’t just apply to your spellwork, it also applies to how you treat others, too. And bullying and preaching at someone for ‘doing it wrong’ isn’t harming none. It’s being a hypocrtical jackass.

    Good post.


  4. Is their certain books you would recommend? It seems like so many I’ve flipped through use the threefold idea. I love and agree with your opinion on the topic. Wonderful post.


    1. well i would look into Hoodoo and voodoo..I have some great books..like Cursing and crossing..Hoodoo Honey and sugar spells..Or the Voodoo Hoodoo spell book i do them with out the christian part of it..i use the spell and tweet them to my way..I would look up books on the old ways..the traditional witch this is what iam..a dark grey..i balance my craft but step into the dark more than grey..i work with the dead alot and travel the astro and walk into peoples dreams to help..so just go to amazon and look at the books they have..stay away from the Wiccan books..Darkest blessings hun..Darklady..


  5. Awesome Darklady just jaw-droppingly awesome. I totally agree with my witchy sister and dear friend Darklady. Darkest of blessings to you from your witchy brother leatherwitch.


  6. I love your article and have known this for a long time that our ancestors did not wait for a certain moon cycle, or were always healers, or feared using dark Magick. I’ve had people jump me about the three fold law. If I think they are open, I will try to explain that hexes and curses aren’t something that I throw around like confetti. If not, I have been known to stare them down. What they don’t realizes is, if you push one of us too much, they may see what they fear.
    As I tell people, I don’t go out of my way to harm but, heaven help you if you harm one of my family or friends…then this Witch can go dark in a heart beat. ~Darkest Blessings


    1. You and me both hun..We are witches not fluffy bunnies..and i will turn black in a heart beat if i think someone has wronged another..and have..with nothing coming back to me at all..Its all a man made lie just like the christian lies..Its truly sad..:( hugs and Darkest Blessings doll..Darklady..


  7. Very insightful my dear lady it’s hard for me to explain to folks that magick is neither black nor white that magick is energy wether it is good or bad is in the intent and the reciever, hence the proverb,what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly


    1. Oh indeed hun..:) I totally agree..we all get our majick from the energy from around us..and to me black is not bad..now wiccans that think they are all that and if you dont believe the way they do then well all hell will break loose..lol..i Work with many many different enitys and spirits and i have to tell you that there is no hell or heaven just realm after realm..beside this one..but there is no such thing as krama or the three fold law its just the christians again trying to come into our fold to take over..most wiccans are converted christians playing witch..and the wiccan laws are again man made..MAN MADE..it is man again trying to control us witches i wish the black and grey would stand up more and get or voice heard..im just one person, but they do say the written word is a powerful thing..and i do believe it.. Have a majickal day..Darklady


  8. Ii was almost bamboozled into wiccan religion and your right tey are a lot like Christian witches wtf makes me laugh that there is such a thing as that! I too have learned my craft through out my lifetime’s I’m just rememb ring and my teacher is a spirit he’s a very tall being and has been with me since past life I am so excited that I have found you very grateful blessed be dark lady


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