10 Signs That You Are A Witch..By Darklady

First, I just want to say we are all born with majick and gifts inside of us. Most if not all babies are born with the gift of majick, they can see and hear the unseen.

This is something we must encourage instead of telling them that they will hurt them and that spirits are demons and evil..This is just not true, I myself have been able to see spirits and from the age of 2, I had a shadow person protecting me from my stepfather. Hes still with me today and I call him Jack, and I thank him everyday in what he did for me.

So I believe that when we are born all our chakras are open, from our root to our crown. And only Society is the one that closes it for us, it’s a constant fight to stay in balance.

So here are the 10 signs, there are many more but I thought I would keep it short and sweet, here goes..

1. You have a knowledge, a knowing as I call it of spells and other witchy things. You believe in this world of majick with a k. It’s a knowing, that you have not learned, it’s just in you.

2. You always ware black. You feel safe and comfortable in this color, you feel it and know that you it absorbs negativity. And that it’s more than just a color or style, or more than a statement.

3. You just love the energy and the feeling you get from storms. Your not afraid to dance in a lighting storm, or stay out in a snow storm. You get energy from it, like a lightning rod. Power is power and this kind of power is right down your alley. You are so in tuned with a storm you can smell her before she hits.

4. The moon is another where you feel her power, and love sitting for hours sky clad, so her rays can soak into your body. After you do your feel energized with her power within.

5. Animals just love you to death, from spiders to hawks they all show up into your world, and bring you closer to nature.

6. You have always loved Crystal’s and Rocks of any kind, you may be a rock hound or had a rock collection when you were young. You may have gone fossil in Arrowhead hunting when you were young. This is just to get to know mother Gaia.

7. You have always been into Tarot cards, Witchboards, Scrying and Pendulums. Anything to be able to see from beyond or into the future.

8. Your ESP has always been off the charts. You can sense who is calling, you get visions, you can feel other people feelings, or touch something and know about it, This has always been you.

9. You never felt like you fit in, EVER. Not in school, not in your family, not in this reality world that where in. You always felt, better in other realms, the dream word, the astral plane, the inbetween of the spirit realm..But never with the humans in this realm, but who we are we keep trying to connect.

10. You see the world differently, letters in trees, faces in floor boards, animals and dragons in clouds.

So there my darlings are 10 signs that you are a witch. There are a lot more, but I wanted it short and sweet.

So if you have these, welcome fellow brothers and sisters to the club, and what a wonderful majickal club it is.

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Darkest Blessings



  1. all of the above i remember drawing pentgrams at the age of 5. i love crystals and pretty rocks. my esp is on and off the charts. and all i weare is black. all animales love me and i love them. i love being in this witchey family. thanks and dark blessings. darklady my witchey sister


  2. Wow! I have had all of those things happen in my life. I also used to draw pentagrams as a child without even knowing it. And as far as wearing black…all my life. Also the animals and night time. Blessings to all my fellow sisters and brothers. Blessings to you Darklady!

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  3. 9 out of 10…Not bad. 😉 The only thing missing is a highly tuned ESP. Because of my work, my shields are too high. Some day, when I retire, I will work on this. ~Darkest Blessings.


  4. I have 7.5 of these, and even though it’s taken me to the age of 49 last year to realize where I fit “in”, I am ever so grateful for Darkladie’s realms and words of wisdom. It has been such a sense of relief and of understanding to finally know what my life’s path was meant to be.


    1. I know i remember when i knew..i was 5 years old and did some wish majick..and then i knew what i was and what part i played and that there was such a time..as MAJICK..Darkest Blessings..Darklady


  5. Have all five an more I love the other worldly realms the most I can be myself there an not have to worry I don’t have to hide who I am as in this realm I have to as I have told many people im misunderstood by a lot but I feel as though you understand Dark Lady an I thank you so much Dark Blessings to you


    1. You bet hun..I feel my best to in the spirit realm and astro..so i sure understand where you are coming from..people always think that spirits a evil..i say the living is evil and when they pass they learn so much and hopefully change their evil ways..so when they are born again they can be a better person and help..Dark Blessings doll..Darklady


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