Wish Upon a Star Poppet

So here are the templates for the poppet..


This is what you will need for this spell..

Herbs: 1 tablespoon of all Bayleaves, Rosemary, Basil, Mustard Seed, Peppermint

And one small crystal point (Quartz Crystal) to give more power to your spell..

If its a love wish put in a rose quartz to, a money wish also put in a copper penny..

Yellow paper, cloth, or felt..

Glue or needle

Batting, straw, cotton balls..

A yellow piece of paper..

and one chime yellow candle..


So start by cutting out your poppet, with this template star either out of paper or cloth or felt..Then with black marker make a smiley face with eyes closed..


Then after you have the poppet done you need two sides so make sure you cut out two stars..start sowing or glueing up your star while thinking of your wish..leave one of the star points open to stuff the batting and the Bayleaves, Rosemary, Basil, Mustard Seeds and Peppermint and the crystal..(Do all of this on the side of the moon that is new to full, this is the side to bring things to you..) NEVER FROM FULL TO NEW this is for banishing and binding and cursing and hexing..i work with the dark of the moon a lot..But i do some banishing, and hexing..and help many to do the same..

Then with the yellow paper write down exactly what you want, you need to own it like you are already doing it..like don’t say i want..make sure you are very clear in this wish, that it will happen..and it will..take your witch power and shoot it from your heart to that target what ever it is, a new job a new car or house and reel it in like a salmon on a line..

Pin the paper to the heart of the poppet..and glue or sow the rest of the poppet up..

Then light you yellow candle and sit with your doll and look at it and hold it to your heart, respect this poppet and carry her around where ever you go, sleep with her by your bed side or under your pillow..and each day put her to your heart area and think of your wish..For one moon cycle..then you should have your wish..

So my darlings,

This is one of my poppet spells from my Darkladys poppet spell e-book that will be out at the first of the year..Im very excited about this..




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