To get that someone to tell the truth..

I have been asked by so many..Darklady how can I get a certain someone to tell me the truth..Most of the times I would use a purple poppet and certain herbs, and have them yell at this said poppet I command you, I command you to tell me the truth..

And I will do my poppet for you but I will also, write another way that I have found to work to a spell from my BOS..

First this is what you need for supplies..

1 purple candle..

Clary sage oil, or the dry herb, this will command the one you want to tell the truth..

A piece of paper and black pen..

This is all you need to do:

On that moon cycle to bring the truth to you, you should be doing it on the waxing from the new to full cycle..start on a noon..

Take your peice of paper and write their name 9 times, then write your name over theirs 9 have to have your name over theirs to control and command the spell..put the piece of paper under the candle..and dress the candle from the top up with Clary sage oil

Then on a Saturday during the waxing moon light the candle seven days in a row while screaming..

I command you..(their name)

I command you..(their name)

To tell the truth….

When the candle is done and burned down to nothing..Take it and the paper and bury it at the crossroads..You will have your answer that you seek..

Second spell..The spell I love..and from my book of shadows..

So this one is more involved, you have to make a purple poppet..

So on the waxing moon cycle ( the new to full cycle) on a Saturday start making your dollie.

Supplies you will need:

Purple cloth, felt, paper what ever you want your doll made of purple wax or clay..but it has to be purple

Needle and thread or glue..

Piece of paper and purple pen..

Things of theirs, hair, fingernail clippings, picture, a piece of clothing or something the love..

Batting, cotton, cloth straw for stuffing the poppet..

Clary oil or the dry herb..

So now during the waxing cycle, start making the poppet all the time thinking about them telling you the truth..

Then write their name on a piece of paper 9 times and your name over theirs 9 times..

Pin the paper to the dollies heart area. And put Clary sage oil on the paper and the Clary sage dry herb inside the doll with the rest of the ingredients..

Then say this chant..

Little one I have made you so ( their name) will tell the truth to me, what ever I ask..

His/her blood is your blood

His/her mind is your mind

His/her breath is your breath

You were once two and now you are one..

So mote it be..

Now the poppet is connected to the target..

So for seven days take the poppet and yell at it..

I command you..(their name)

I command you..(their name)

To tell me the truth..

Then put the poppet somewhere safe, so no one can get to it..

In seven days you should get your answer..

You can keep the doll, I always do keep my workings just in case I need it again..

So there you go..

Dark Blessings



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