The most creative i am is at night..i love the dark and all its beautiful creatures..The dark is quiet and still as it wraps its warm dark arms around me. I have always loved the dark inky blackness, the light of day is where the ugliness cometh forth..I could write many chilling tales of growing up that would make you look away in terror. If it wasn’t for my Shadow man Jack that was with me i never would of made it..He’s still with me today, i don’t see him like i did but I can feel him. So i was just thinking as i lay in the pitch black tonight, that so many people are afraid of the dark. I have always found comfort in it a kind of peace and serenity. I remember growing up that my young sisters were so frightened of the everyday type of monster..the one under the bed they would run and jump in bed so that bed beast wouldn’t grab their legs and pull them under, down into the dark place..Id laugh and crawl underneath the bed hoping to find the bed beast, so he could take me away to the land of monster, but nothing would happen. Oh how i would of loved to see that place. And of course the closet they would always think there was something there, me i would go and sit in the closet in the dark for hours hiding from the real monsters the human monster..but i would never find the closet monster that my sisters were afraid of..but i did find my friend Jack..many times i would lock myself in the closet and him and i would talk. I would tell him how unhappy i was and that i had no friends but him..He taught me many things like how to leave my body and go somewhere else..i would go to astro or just hang above my body..and he taught me majick. I always had majick inside i brought most of my knowledge from past lives. But he taught me the true power, that you really are stronger and have more power than you think..there are many kind of monsters that can be in your life. And they are not all the boogeyman type, they can be human, addiction, a sickness many types. And you can over come these, i have and the monster that made me start that monkey on my back had been gone for many years but the damage was done..And it took many..many years to dig my way out of that hole..but i did..Now im free from them all, and i welcome new kinds of dark things, things that live in the dark. That are part of the dark, spirits and shadows and every kind of dark thing you could think of. And I’m not scared anymore, of death or even that monster that died so long ago. Im at peace now..for i know who and what iam, and why I’m put on this earth. I’m 65 and a powerful witch and just getting started..Darklady

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