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Darkladys Electronic Love spell

This is a spell i did.. Like my blog and post, and comment what you want.. In love was a very strong and healthy you can tell from the candle.. The more the comments and likes my blog and this post the stronger it will become.. This spell i Darklady enchant to do the will of bringing love to who ever needs it and who likes this post and my blog and comments their name..and shares.. This is for love lost and love not yet found.. So mote it be.. Darklady

Herbs for Poppets..

Herbs and Spices for Poppets I. Jasmine 2. Lovage (the powered root) 3. Henbane 4, Holly 5. Hyssop 6. Lilic 7. St. Johns Wart 8. Pine 9. Geranium 10. Poppy 11. Sage 12. Yarrow 13. Rose 14. Passion flower 15. Anise 16. Marjoram 17. Thyme 18. Apple (and the seeds) 19. Lemongrass 20. Violet 21. Mint 22. Caraway 23. Hops 24. Marigold 25. Meadowsweet 26. Ginger 27 Fennel 28. Carnation 29. Passion Flower 30. Milk Thistle 31 White Willow 32. Mullein (which you can use for grave yard dirt).. 33. Dandelion Leaf So this is a few that i use…

To get that someone to tell the truth..

I have been asked by so many..Darklady how can I get a certain someone to tell me the truth..Most of the times I would use a purple poppet and certain herbs, and have them yell at this said poppet I command you, I command you to tell me the truth.. And I will do my poppet for you but I will also, write another way that I have found to work to a spell from my BOS.. First this is what you need for supplies.. 1 purple candle.. Clary sage oil, or the dry herb, this will command the one…