Spirit animals just what are they? How do you get one? When do they come to us?

Well I’ll start with telling you about mine, I have 5 that have helped me get through what ever I needed in my life.

The Hawk (my main spirit animal) the Crow, the Panther, the Wolf and the Bee..

We all have a spirit animal.

And how we find our spirit animals come different ways, they will come in your dreams or your physical realm.

I meditate with my Hawk, how I do it is I start in a house at the top of the stairs, and I come down the stairs and through the sliding door.

Then out into a open field, to the edge of a cliff and put my arms up and I’m off in the hawk body..

I’m flying over the grand canyon and fields and ocean..I see through her eyes her voice is my voice, I feel the wind through my feathers. I can feel my beaks, and talons.

And I will fly for 15 minutes or more.. I get to where I just want to stay a hawk, free, happy.. what’s the best about the whole thing is I’m not afraid of hights..for that 15 minutes.

So that is how I do it, they can come into your dreams, if they do, wake up and write down what you felt, what happened, what you did, how the animal was doing..

If they come to you in the physical realm, make sure you write it down, what you were fealing when they come to you.

What is going on in your life at the time, is very important.

So I would start with meditating for your spirit animal. They will teach you so much and I would find out what your animal spirit guide is..

Keep a journal..

Read up on the animals you see in this realm and the others.

See what they are trying to bring to you, they bring messages, to help you to cope with everyday life .

Like to me my hawk when I fly is about freedom and vison..and staying on the right path and not varying one way or the other so I can get to where I need to be.

So that’s just a little of what I know, and I hope you can fly like me..

Darkest Blessings


5 minutes a day, is all it takes to open your third eye to see the unseen and live among the dead..

My third eye has been open since childhood, I have seen things you would never believe. And it would make a great movie, scare the shit out of the normal person..

So when you do the 5 minutes a day, it will change your life more that you could ever know..not only will your senses be stronger, but you will be seeing and hearing the unseen..

It is also a way to communicate with my spirit poppet dolls that I sell, so if you ever get one, you will be way ahead of everyone else..

So you ask, what makes you think that I even want to walk down that road..

Well, to me the spirit realm is something that every witch if they want to grow in their knowledge and wisdom should know..

There is so much untapped energy in the realm and so much to learn from the dead.

So, I teach many techniques in how to meditate and use these techniques..

So this is what I want you to do..

Get a pillar indigo blue candle, and for 5 minutes a day, I want you to stare into the blue part of the flame, then snuff it out not blow it out..

Practice also in trying to move the flame, the more control and focus the better you will be able to concentrate..

Sit in front of this candle, light it and and quiet your mind, and stare for 5 minutes..and listen, see and smell what comes to you..

Do it for a month, and you will be surprised how well it will help you in your majickal world, and help you in your spell casting, becoming stronger and more controled..

Not to say, getting to know the spirit realm..

So 5 minutes a day is all it takes..

Darkest Blessings




Hi there i’m back and here to teach you more about majick that i know..

I have been working on my Spirit poppet doll business for the last few months so i took some time off..

I will be working on My Book of shadows and will be putting a lot of information into it..

So just what is it like being who i am..

Well it can be very scary and exciting most of the time..lol..

Except for the crazys that either want to burn me at the stake or have crazy sex with me..lol..

But all in all my followers are a great bunch of witches and i say that from the bottom of my heart..

So i just wanted to say hi, and it’s good to be back..

Darkest Blessings



So the witches Besom has always been a wonderful tool to use, from sweeping the negative energies out to cleaning your circle area before casting it..

And of course the besom has always been a thing of beauty for the witch either carrying it or riding it through the night sky..From the Wicked witch of the west to Harry potter they have always been the mainstay of the witch in fairytale to movies..

And i will tell you one thing i just love my brooms..So I’m going to tell you a little history about the witches besom and some cool folk lore about this beautiful tool..

Are you ready?

A besom is a tool used by witches to cleanse a space which will be used for ritual. A traditional witches besom can be made out of hawthorn, but there are many other woods and even wheat that can be used. Handles can be made from Birch or Oak twigs. These twigs are tied on using thin pieces of Willow wood from my favorite tree the Goddess tree. Many times have i sit beneath her and went to different worlds, even talked to my shadow person there, we had many tea party under her long boughs.

It is used to cleanse the area before casting a circle. never let your Besom ever touch the ground, to sweep out the negative in the room make sure it is always a few inches above the ground.

The Wiccans use the besom for their handfasting ceremonies. They use the besom to jump over at the end of the there ceremony. Another way in place of the besom is to jump over a small bon fire..ouch 🙂

The origin of the idea of witches flying with their besom from what i have read is based in a ritual involving a drug trip. The witches would prepare a flying ointment to aid them in their journey, a very strong drug.

There are many recipes out there for this strong ointment, i myself would not need to use this i can project in to the astro plain and have visions with out all of that, if you are strong in your third eye you don’t need this help..

How the witches used ointment was this way, they applied the ointment to the end of the Besom and administered it vaginally.

Then the Witches would mount broomsticks and off they would fly and leap around the fields, hallucinating, thinking they are flying around.

They would really would believe they were flying for many miles, but i don’t know maybe they were.

Whos to really say?


Now Some Besom Lore:

Never let your besom bristles touch the floor when your sweeping your house out of negative energy.

Put one over your doorway, to keep hexes and spells from coming in and stopping spells to the one inside the house.

You can use your besom as your wand, their is much power with a witch and her broom.

You can also use your besom to help a person during saging.

Always treat your besom as a living entity, tell it when your going out so it can protect your house while your gone.

Alway talk and treat your besom as a member of your family. 🙂



So until next time,

Get that besom and have some fun. For you are a witch after all.. 🙂


Dark Blessings