5 minutes a day, is all it takes to open your third eye to see the unseen and live among the dead..

My third eye has been open since childhood, I have seen things you would never believe. And it would make a great movie, scare the shit out of the normal person..

So when you do the 5 minutes a day, it will change your life more that you could ever know..not only will your senses be stronger, but you will be seeing and hearing the unseen..

It is also a way to communicate with my spirit poppet dolls that I sell, so if you ever get one, you will be way ahead of everyone else..

So you ask, what makes you think that I even want to walk down that road..

Well, to me the spirit realm is something that every witch if they want to grow in their knowledge and wisdom should know..

There is so much untapped energy in the realm and so much to learn from the dead.

So, I teach many techniques in how to meditate and use these techniques..

So this is what I want you to do..

Get a pillar indigo blue candle, and for 5 minutes a day, I want you to stare into the blue part of the flame, then snuff it out not blow it out..

Practice also in trying to move the flame, the more control and focus the better you will be able to concentrate..

Sit in front of this candle, light it and and quiet your mind, and stare for 5 minutes..and listen, see and smell what comes to you..

Do it for a month, and you will be surprised how well it will help you in your majickal world, and help you in your spell casting, becoming stronger and more controled..

Not to say, getting to know the spirit realm..

So 5 minutes a day is all it takes..

Darkest Blessings




Hi there i’m back and here to teach you more about majick that i know..

I have been working on my Spirit poppet doll business for the last few months so i took some time off..

I will be working on My Book of shadows and will be putting a lot of information into it..

So just what is it like being who i am..

Well it can be very scary and exciting most of the time..lol..

Except for the crazys that either want to burn me at the stake or have crazy sex with me..lol..

But all in all my followers are a great bunch of witches and i say that from the bottom of my heart..

So i just wanted to say hi, and it’s good to be back..

Darkest Blessings




Herbs and Spices for Poppets

I. Jasmine

2. Lovage (the powered root)

3. Henbane

4, Holly

5. Hyssop

6. Lilic

7. St. Johns Wart

8. Pine

9. Geranium

10. Poppy

11. Sage

12. Yarrow

13. Rose

14. Passion flower

15. Anise

16. Marjoram

17. Thyme

18. Apple (and the seeds)

19. Lemongrass

20. Violet

21. Mint

22. Caraway

23. Hops

24. Marigold

25. Meadowsweet

26. Ginger

27 Fennel

28. Carnation

29. Passion Flower

30. Milk Thistle

31 White Willow

32. Mullein (which you can use for grave yard dirt)..

33. Dandelion Leaf

So this is a few that i use in may poppets..

Other things can be..

Grave yard dirt..

Coffee nails




Sexual fluids

Spices & Herbs

Meanings for some of the herbs and spices..

  1. For Attracting men:  Jasmine, Juniper(dried Berries) Lavender, Lemon Verbena , Loveage, Orris Root, Patchouli
  2. Attracting Woman: Henbane, Holly, Rose, Lavender, Patchouli
  3. Banishing: Hyssop, Lilic, St Johns Wort
  4. Courage: Basil. Garlic, Mullion, Nettle, Thyme, Wormwood and Yarrow
  5. Friendship: Lemon, Rose, Passion flower
  6. Fertility: Acorns, Geranium, Poppy, Sage, Sunflowers,
  7. Good Fortune: Ash(Leaves), Nutmeg, Rose
  8. Happiness: Catnip, Marjoram, Anise

So that is just a little of stuff abut Poppets and what i stuff mine with, Of course color is very important to..I will be making another post on that on..


Dark Blessings