I’m going to talk about wishing boxes today.. The picture above is one of my wishing boxes..

To me they are like the witches wishing jar or a Jinns majick lamp.. I have always believed in the majick of unearthly beings, for i work and have seen them.

Ones from other realms, to the astro plane to the spirit realm. Every thing has a energy and vibration, just as my spirit dolls do, and soon to be enchanted ebook of shadows..

So to me a wishing box, should hold all your most inner thoughts and what you wish for in this life, a life of abundance and happiness and power, friendship, love and of course majick..The true majick, think of what you put in your box like the wishes you would ask a Jinn if you met one..

The Box

What should the box be like, you ask. Well it can be made out of anything, or a box that calls to you..

I have four, a large wicker one and a smaller one and the ones I have showed you..

The wishing box on top is my oldest..the Day of the dead one is a work in progress.

I’m thinking of using my day of the dead one for only writing my wishes..And keeping them in there, so as you can see, i have a lot of things in my first box, things that have a lot of energy to them.

What do i do..

So what do i do when i get my box, or the box that calls to me..well during the full moon and you already have found your beautiful wishing box.

Make a clay, or picture, or a photo you have found of what you want in your life.. Like that house you want or that new yellow Trans Am, or health, or to find love in your life. Or just write out what you want to manifest..

Now i love anything dark and Gothic, so I’m always on the look for that certain box or chest to buy. There is just something about them, that draws me. Like Witchboards and Tarot cards, poppets and of course the dead. Its in my blood, just as my ancestors.

Now, on that full moon, get a candle of the color you wish to have happen, green for money and success, red or pink for love, blue for health and so forth..then take your box outside and open it letting mother moon shine down and charge what your wishes are.

Then lite the candle, and think on what you have written, and really put your intent it to that box..

Then when the candles have burned down close the box and capture the energy and your intent. Now, I’m a big one in using your mind, and no chant, i think chanting is a waste of time and energy, it sounds cool, the rhyming and everything, but it just is not necessarily. I talk to my wish boxes and tell them exactly what i need, and when the wish is granted i thank the box, and give it a offering.

So this is how i do it, now i know many wiccans do it differently, but I’m not a wiccan of the new age religion. But of the old, traditional witchcraft, something i have taught myself through many life times of being a witch..

So this is how i do it, and this is how i teach.

I hope this helps you in making your own wish box like i have, and that all your dreams come true, and they will if you do the box right and your mind is clear and your intent is strong..

Darkest Blessings


This is a photo from a ghost app, of my spirit doll, Raven..that someone took yesterday..

Raven is my Necormancer doll, who will help you speak to the dead. These poppet dolls i make have spirit energy in them, they have helped hundreds of people with there lives, for giving courage to do what they never could, to finding a different love when pineing over another, to hexing and banishing and binding..to giving love and happiness to the sick, to helping people get cars, and money for a house, money for a apartment, new tire, tattoos, etc..

These spirit dolls really can help. So ill just say if you would like one, PM me at jacksonlori52@yahoo.com and ill give you my website to buy one of my beautiful spirit doll, i have about 25 different dolls now..

Now, i know about spirits, i work with them daily with my dolls.. i feel the dead is like the living with me. They sit with me. They watch tv and they cook with me. They are always around, and i never feel alone.

Why you ask do i spend so much time with the dead, well thats just where i feel the most comfortable..and they are always talking to me or appearing to me. I have a portal at the top of my stairs, that many come through..and i enjoy learning from each one of them..

My spirit poppet dolls is my business and im so glad i can use my gift of necromancy to bring these dolls to life..

Now i have alot of witches that come to me, and even muggles that dont know anything about the spirit realm.. and they still hold true to the Christian lie that spirits are demons (lol) or evil in some way. Or that they will possess you or that they need to be exercised and told to go to the light..(lol) i wonder how many spirits thought what the fuck, what light and why are they being so crazy and mean to me..But that’s what the Christian’s want you to think, they want the fear to stay in you so they keep power, people are such sheep..I laugh every time i hear, you must help him to go into the light..so he can cross over.

First off cross over where, they all ready have they are through the veil of death, they don’t need to go into the light, there is no light..there is no heaven. There is no hell..this is all a lie, so the Christian’s can keep in power..

Now i well tell you what is over the veil, just another realm, dimension similar to this one. And many others, most spirits will stick around in our realm to keep a eye on their loved ones, and to keep learning, but they also keep learning in the other realms to..then when they decide to be reborn again, hopefully they make a better choice and life for themselves..

So, spirits to me are to be respected, that means any entity, and you want to know why.. Because my darling you are no different than that spirit you are afraid of or hate. You my darling will soon be on the other side looking in on the living just as this spirit you think should be out of your house or antique box..

If you think you won’t be. Lol, well i hate to bust your little Christian bubble, you will be when this life of yours has come to a end..

So, spirits will leave when they want to leave and no amount of black salt. Or red brick dust, or a priest saying all those words will make them go, not anymore than the living..

So, treat all entity’s with the respect they deserve, because you my darlings will be in their shoes one day..and i know sure as hell you wouldn’t want someone being mean to you..

Oh and if you are mean to them in anyway shape or form. I really think the spirit has the right to me mean back..and i hope he is..

So with that said,

Darkest Blessings


5 minutes a day, is all it takes to open your third eye to see the unseen and live among the dead..

My third eye has been open since childhood, I have seen things you would never believe. And it would make a great movie, scare the shit out of the normal person..

So when you do the 5 minutes a day, it will change your life more that you could ever know..not only will your senses be stronger, but you will be seeing and hearing the unseen..

It is also a way to communicate with my spirit poppet dolls that I sell, so if you ever get one, you will be way ahead of everyone else..

So you ask, what makes you think that I even want to walk down that road..

Well, to me the spirit realm is something that every witch if they want to grow in their knowledge and wisdom should know..

There is so much untapped energy in the realm and so much to learn from the dead.

So, I teach many techniques in how to meditate and use these techniques..

So this is what I want you to do..

Get a pillar indigo blue candle, and for 5 minutes a day, I want you to stare into the blue part of the flame, then snuff it out not blow it out..

Practice also in trying to move the flame, the more control and focus the better you will be able to concentrate..

Sit in front of this candle, light it and and quiet your mind, and stare for 5 minutes..and listen, see and smell what comes to you..

Do it for a month, and you will be surprised how well it will help you in your majickal world, and help you in your spell casting, becoming stronger and more controled..

Not to say, getting to know the spirit realm..

So 5 minutes a day is all it takes..

Darkest Blessings




Hi there i’m back and here to teach you more about majick that i know..

I have been working on my Spirit poppet doll business for the last few months so i took some time off..

I will be working on My Book of shadows and will be putting a lot of information into it..

So just what is it like being who i am..

Well it can be very scary and exciting most of the time..lol..

Except for the crazys that either want to burn me at the stake or have crazy sex with me..lol..

But all in all my followers are a great bunch of witches and i say that from the bottom of my heart..

So i just wanted to say hi, and it’s good to be back..

Darkest Blessings




Herbs and Spices for Poppets

I. Jasmine

2. Lovage (the powered root)

3. Henbane

4, Holly

5. Hyssop

6. Lilic

7. St. Johns Wart

8. Pine

9. Geranium

10. Poppy

11. Sage

12. Yarrow

13. Rose

14. Passion flower

15. Anise

16. Marjoram

17. Thyme

18. Apple (and the seeds)

19. Lemongrass

20. Violet

21. Mint

22. Caraway

23. Hops

24. Marigold

25. Meadowsweet

26. Ginger

27 Fennel

28. Carnation

29. Passion Flower

30. Milk Thistle

31 White Willow

32. Mullein (which you can use for grave yard dirt)..

33. Dandelion Leaf

So this is a few that i use in may poppets..

Other things can be..

Grave yard dirt..

Coffee nails




Sexual fluids

Spices & Herbs

Meanings for some of the herbs and spices..

  1. For Attracting men:  Jasmine, Juniper(dried Berries) Lavender, Lemon Verbena , Loveage, Orris Root, Patchouli
  2. Attracting Woman: Henbane, Holly, Rose, Lavender, Patchouli
  3. Banishing: Hyssop, Lilic, St Johns Wort
  4. Courage: Basil. Garlic, Mullion, Nettle, Thyme, Wormwood and Yarrow
  5. Friendship: Lemon, Rose, Passion flower
  6. Fertility: Acorns, Geranium, Poppy, Sage, Sunflowers,
  7. Good Fortune: Ash(Leaves), Nutmeg, Rose
  8. Happiness: Catnip, Marjoram, Anise

So that is just a little of stuff abut Poppets and what i stuff mine with, Of course color is very important to..I will be making another post on that on..


Dark Blessings







I have been asked by so many..Darklady how can I get a certain someone to tell me the truth..Most of the times I would use a purple poppet and certain herbs, and have them yell at this said poppet I command you, I command you to tell me the truth..

And I will do my poppet for you but I will also, write another way that I have found to work to a spell from my BOS..

First this is what you need for supplies..

1 purple candle..

Clary sage oil, or the dry herb, this will command the one you want to tell the truth..

A piece of paper and black pen..

This is all you need to do:

On that moon cycle to bring the truth to you, you should be doing it on the waxing from the new to full cycle..start on a Saturday..at noon..

Take your peice of paper and write their name 9 times, then write your name over theirs 9 times..you have to have your name over theirs to control and command the spell..put the piece of paper under the candle..and dress the candle from the top up with Clary sage oil

Then on a Saturday during the waxing moon light the candle seven days in a row while screaming..

I command you..(their name)

I command you..(their name)

To tell the truth….

When the candle is done and burned down to nothing..Take it and the paper and bury it at the crossroads..You will have your answer that you seek..

Second spell..The spell I love..and from my book of shadows..

So this one is more involved, you have to make a purple poppet..

So on the waxing moon cycle ( the new to full cycle) on a Saturday start making your dollie.

Supplies you will need:

Purple cloth, felt, paper what ever you want your doll made of purple wax or clay..but it has to be purple

Needle and thread or glue..

Piece of paper and purple pen..

Things of theirs, hair, fingernail clippings, picture, a piece of clothing or something the love..

Batting, cotton, cloth straw for stuffing the poppet..

Clary oil or the dry herb..

So now during the waxing cycle, start making the poppet all the time thinking about them telling you the truth..

Then write their name on a piece of paper 9 times and your name over theirs 9 times..

Pin the paper to the dollies heart area. And put Clary sage oil on the paper and the Clary sage dry herb inside the doll with the rest of the ingredients..

Then say this chant..

Little one I have made you so ( their name) will tell the truth to me, what ever I ask..

His/her blood is your blood

His/her mind is your mind

His/her breath is your breath

You were once two and now you are one..

So mote it be..

Now the poppet is connected to the target..

So for seven days take the poppet and yell at it..

I command you..(their name)

I command you..(their name)

To tell me the truth..

Then put the poppet somewhere safe, so no one can get to it..

In seven days you should get your answer..

You can keep the doll, I always do keep my workings just in case I need it again..

So there you go..

Dark Blessings


So here are the templates for the poppet..


This is what you will need for this spell..

Herbs: 1 tablespoon of all Bayleaves, Rosemary, Basil, Mustard Seed, Peppermint

And one small crystal point (Quartz Crystal) to give more power to your spell..

If its a love wish put in a rose quartz to, a money wish also put in a copper penny..

Yellow paper, cloth, or felt..

Glue or needle

Batting, straw, cotton balls..

A yellow piece of paper..

and one chime yellow candle..


So start by cutting out your poppet, with this template star either out of paper or cloth or felt..Then with black marker make a smiley face with eyes closed..


Then after you have the poppet done you need two sides so make sure you cut out two stars..start sowing or glueing up your star while thinking of your wish..leave one of the star points open to stuff the batting and the Bayleaves, Rosemary, Basil, Mustard Seeds and Peppermint and the crystal..(Do all of this on the side of the moon that is new to full, this is the side to bring things to you..) NEVER FROM FULL TO NEW this is for banishing and binding and cursing and hexing..i work with the dark of the moon a lot..But i do some banishing, and hexing..and help many to do the same..

Then with the yellow paper write down exactly what you want, you need to own it like you are already doing it..like don’t say i want..make sure you are very clear in this wish, that it will happen..and it will..take your witch power and shoot it from your heart to that target what ever it is, a new job a new car or house and reel it in like a salmon on a line..

Pin the paper to the heart of the poppet..and glue or sow the rest of the poppet up..

Then light you yellow candle and sit with your doll and look at it and hold it to your heart, respect this poppet and carry her around where ever you go, sleep with her by your bed side or under your pillow..and each day put her to your heart area and think of your wish..For one moon cycle..then you should have your wish..

So my darlings,

This is one of my poppet spells from my Darkladys poppet spell e-book that will be out at the first of the year..Im very excited about this..




So you think your cursed, hexed or someone is sending negative energy to you.

Well I have just the spell for you, one I do myself. You will need these things.

A black backed small hand mirror

A black candle

Your strong intent

So this is what I want you to do, take the hand mirror and with your finger use salt water to make the pentagram on the back of the mirror.

Then hold the mirror to your heart area and think that this person or persons will get what the deserve, that what the are sending to you will bounce off this mirror and return to them..

Then put the mirror, facing outside in the window of your bedroom. I found that your bedroom is the best place for this.

Then light the candle, chime candles are the best for spell work, they only burn for a few hours. While the candle burns, think about sending every thing back to them and that you are protected.

So with this spell and your intent, anything anyone sends to you will be sent right back.

A very simple but very effective way to protect yourself, using mirrors in anything, from scrying to poppets and mirrors boxs, is very strong majick.

So there you go, there is no reason now that you can not protect yourself.

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Darkest Blessings




So just wanted to write down all sort of herbs that i use  in my helpful, or baneful poppets..

It all depends on what you what this wonderful poppet to do for you is what type of herbs you will be using..

Lets start with the baneful ( such as the cursing and hexing poppet dolls)

# These are the herbs and salts and other things i do use in most of my cursing dolls..

Grave yard dirt (But you can use the plant Mullein for it in a pinch)

Black pepper..Cayenne pepper..Henbane..Sulfur..Cactus..Rose thorns (best if from your garden)

Glass..Rusty coffin Nails…Blood..Hair..Finger nails..

# Now for love poppets i use something completely different..<3

Lavender..Marjoram..Dill..Oregano..Lemon peel dried..sugar ( to sweeten up your love interest) The oils of Opium and Frankincense..A tiny Rose quartz

Then again Hair, Finger nails and picture for the face of the doll helps..Also blood from them or semen or a piece of their clothing you can either use it as the doll or put a piece inside with the rest..

# Then for health, i will sometimes use these..

It all depends on what the poppet is needed for..

But i will use..

Cedar..Chamomile..Dill..Flax..Ginger..Patchouli oil..Sage

For the for the rest i will put in a Quartz crystal..Jasper..Jade..Hematite..a Magnet ( to bring on good health and long life) very small because you put them inside the doll..Hair..Finger nails..Blood now only a drop is needed..and this doll should be given to the person you are trying to heal..after they are helped..

Also the pins of the poppet can help in many ways.. not only to help by sticking the pin in the place where the person is sick..like if they have stomach issues you can stick a pin in that area to help..but it can also harm..

# For Protection i will be using these 

Mint..lavender..Dragons blood oil..black pepper..oil of Patchouli..Curry

Then a piece of mirror to deflect negative energy..Nails of iron..A lucky hand charm..A hawk feather so you will have eyes watching at all times..

So these are a few of the type of doll i do..

I do also for Money..To change your Luck..House blessings..To help your Animals with their health..Fertility dolls..Happiness and Self love..for Friendship..To help get Employment..To help out communications in a relationship..For better sex or not..A spiritual doll..A stress doll..For success and fame..To keep you safe when traveling..A wealth doll..A wisdom doll..A Relationship doll…A psychic power doll..

As you can see there are many..

I hope you have enjoyed a little bit about what i do, when filling my Poppet dolls..

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Darkest Blessings..





So you want to sweeten someone up?

My partner, so he/she will be romantic and loving..

My boss, so he/she sees how hard i work and appreciates me..

My sibling so they quit picking on me..

My teacher so she/he will see how great i am in their class..

Well you have come to the right person..

The Darklady..

Im here to help…

Heres my spell from my poppet Book of Shadows..

I work with the elements of poppet dolls and candles..

This is low majick, grey to black majick..

But let me say not all grey and black are bad,

Its all what lie in the heart of the witch that uses it..

That make it so..

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So you will need:

Felt squares either Red, White or Pink..

Scissors ( to cut the felt)

Straw or batting to stuff the poppet..

2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar or 4 sugar cubes..

A pink piece of paper

A red pen

A picture of the persons face your wanting to sweeten up..

One chime Red, White or Pink candle you decide what color..they can all be used for love..

One safety pin



So start sowing up your doll and the stuff her..

Put the sugar inside and finish sowing her up..

Then take the picture of the persons face write their name on the back and glue their face on the poppets face..if you can get hair or fingar nail cliping put those inside the doll before you sow her up…This will even make your spell stronger..

So after that write on the paper what it is you want to have them do..Love you more, be nicer, see you in a better light, be more romantic, so forth..

Then where the heart of your doll is safety pin your paper to that area..

Then light you candle and send good vibes and love to your target..

Burn the candle down..Chime candles are my favorite they burn clean and down in about a hour, you can even make the candle burning shorter and use a birthday candles i have done that to..You just have to use Red or White Or Pink candles..and send your love intent and what you want to happen to them..

Put the doll in a safe place away from prying eyes..you can keep dolls like this forever..but if its baneful poppet to teach a lesson..when the lesson was learned you should always dismantle the doll and bury it far from your home..but a sweet living doll that does no harm..you can keep forever..i have some for love that i have had now of 4 years and i probably will never send it back to the Earth, Not until I’m gone, then they will be buried with me along with my book of shadows and some other things..

So Give it at least one moon cycle..sometime they can work faster, its just all about how strong your intent is..

So there you go to sweeten someone up and be nicer..

Dark Blessings


Just so you can think about this, I’m compiling all my poppet spells and may be making a poppet spell book soon..

If i can find someone to publish it..so keep your eyes out for..

Darkladys Poppet Spell book its all my Book of Shadows book with using nothing but Poppets, Candles and Herbs.. and maybe a few other things i now.. 🙂 ❤